Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pak-N-Lite Case

Please find enclosed introductory information on an entirely new product, the unique Pak-N-Lite!

This product features a combination cigarette case and a disposable lighter. The Pak-N-Lite comes with either a mini Cricket® or mini BIC® lighter.

With the unique custom design wraps the Pak-N-Lite is appealing to men and women of all ages and interests. The removable belt clip is convenient because it allows for easy access from the belt, pocket, car visor, etc...

The Pak-N-Lite has a patent pending tough, yet light weight sealed case which makes the unit practically crush proof. It keeps cigarettes fresh longer and makes the unit water resistant which is perfect for activities around the beach.

The retailer makes the Pak-N-Lite available to the public for an affordable price. The public response has been overwhelming as small business owners are excited to finally get a cigarette case that is unique to all others.

One of the truly unique features is the built on lighter compartment which a smoker can slide over to retrieve a cigarette then slide back and light the cigarette without removing or searching for a lighter. Smokers love this feature!

The Pak-N-Lite offers the retailer quick setup of displays, quick turnover, point of sale impulse buying, good margin profits, guaranteed sale and a commitment from our corporation

If the Pak-N-Lite is right for your line of merchandise, please contact our company at your convenience.

Dan Tata
Toll Free: (800) 658-2759

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